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SCR from POWEREX Page 48 of 90
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941. Part #: T600161304BT
Description: SCR, TO-93, 1600V, 125A

942. Part #: T600161504BT
Description: SCR, TO-93, 1600V, 150A

943. Part #: T600161804BT
Description: SCR, TO-93, 1600V, 175A

944. Part #: T607021534BT
Description: SCR 250A 200V TQ=50 TO-93

945. Part #: T607021544BT
Description: SCR 250A 200V TQ=40 TO-93

946. Part #: T607021554BT
Description: SCR 250A 200V TQ=25 TO-93

947. Part #: T607021564BT
Description: SCR 250A 200V TQ=20 TO-93

948. Part #: T607021574BT
Description: SCR 250A 200V TQ=15 TO-93

949. Part #: T607021584BT
Description: SCR 250A 200V TQ=10 TO-93

950. Part #: T6070215B4BT
Description: SCR 250A 200V TQ=25 TO-93

951. Part #: T607021834BT
Description: SCR 260A 200V TQ=50 TO-93

952. Part #: T607021844BT
Description: SCR 260A 200V TQ=40 TO-93

953. Part #: T607021854BT
Description: SCR 260A 200V TQ=25 TO-93

954. Part #: T607021864BT
Description: SCR 260A 200V TQ=20 TO-93

955. Part #: T607021874BT
Description: SCR 260A 200V TQ=15 TO-93

956. Part #: T607021884BT
Description: SCR 260A 200V TQ=10 TO-93

957. Part #: T6070218B4BT
Description: SCR 260A 200V TQ=25 TO-93

958. Part #: T607041534BT
Description: SCR 250A 400V TQ=50 TO-93

959. Part #: T607041544BT
Description: SCR 250A 400V TQ=40 TO-93

960. Part #: T607041554BT
Description: SCR 250A 400V TQ=25 TO-93