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SCR from NTE ELECTRONICS Page 9 of 9
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161. Part #: NTE5587
Description: SCR, TO-118, 600V, 550A RMS PHASE CONTROL

162. Part #: NTE5588
Description: SCR

163. Part #: NTE5589
Description: SCR, TO-118, 1200V, 550A RMS PHASE CONTROL

164. Part #: NTE5590
Description: SCR, TO-200AB, 200V, 300A 470A RMS

165. Part #: NTE5591
Description: SCR

166. Part #: NTE5592
Description: SCR

167. Part #: NTE5593
Description: SCR, TO-118, 1600V, 550A RMS PHASE CONTROL

168. Part #: NTE5594
Description: SCR

169. Part #: NTE5595
Description: SCR

170. Part #: NTE5596
Description: SCR

171. Part #: NTE5597
Description: SCR

172. Part #: NTE5598
Description: SCR, TO-200AD, 600V, 1800A RMS PHASE CONTROL

173. Part #: NTE5599
Description: SCR, TO-200AD, 1200V, 1800A RMS IGT=200mA, VGT=3V MAX ISURGE=27000 MAX, PHASE CONTROL

174. Part #: NTE6403
Description: SCR SUS

175. Part #: NTE6404
Description: SCR 0.0002A 8V TO-98

176. Part #: NTE6415
Description: SCR SIDAC 45-90V

177. Part #: NTE6416
Description: SCR SIDAC 55-65V

178. Part #: NTE6417
Description: SCR SIDAC 95-113V

179. Part #: NTE6418
Description: SCR SIDAC 104-118V

180. Part #: NTE6419
Description: SCR SIDAC 110-125V