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SCR from NTE ELECTRONICS Page 8 of 9
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141. Part #: NTE5564
Description: SCR

142. Part #: NTE5566
Description: SCR, TO-48ISO, 600V, 35A

143. Part #: NTE5567
Description: SCR

144. Part #: NTE5568
Description: SCR

145. Part #: NTE5569
Description: SCR

146. Part #: NTE5570
Description: SCR

147. Part #: NTE5571
Description: SCR, TO-65, 1600V, 50A

148. Part #: NTE5572
Description: SCR

149. Part #: NTE5574
Description: SCR

150. Part #: NTE5575
Description: SCR, TO-83, 200V, 125A RMS PHASE CONTROL

151. Part #: NTE5576
Description: SCR, TO-94, 600V, 175A RMS PHASE CONTROL

152. Part #: NTE5577
Description: SCR, TO-83, 600V, 125A RMS PHASE CONTROL

153. Part #: NTE5578
Description: SCR, TO-94, 1600V, 175A RMS PHASE CONTROL

154. Part #: NTE5579
Description: SCR, TO-83, 1200V, 125A RMS

155. Part #: NTE5580
Description: SCR, TO-93, 200V, 275A RMS PHASE CONTROL

156. Part #: NTE5582-1

157. Part #: NTE5582
Description: SCR, TO-93, 600V, 275A RMS PHASE CONTROL

158. Part #: NTE5584
Description: SCR, TO-93, 1200V, 275A RMS PHASE CONTROL

159. Part #: NTE5585
Description: SCR, TO-93, 1600V, 275A RMS PHASE CONTROL

160. Part #: NTE5586
Description: SCR