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SCR from EUPEC INC Page 3 of 18
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41. Part #: T130N12EOF
Description: SCR 130A 1200V FLAT BASE

42. Part #: T130N14BOF
Description: SCR, M12, 1400V, 130A, SW27/M12

43. Part #: T130N16BOF
Description: SCR, M12, 1600V, 130A, SW27/M12

44. Part #: T130N16EOF
Description: SCR 130A 1600V FLAT BASE

45. Part #: T130N18BOF
Description: SCR, M12, 1800, 130A, SW27/M12

46. Part #: T130N18EOF
Description: SCR 130A 1800V FLAT BASE

47. Part #: T1329N18TOF
Description: SCR 1329A 1800V TO75/26

48. Part #: T1329N20TOF
Description: SCR 1329A 2000V TO75/26

49. Part #: T1329N22TOF
Description: SCR 1329A 2200V TO75/26

50. Part #: T1503N75TOH
Description: SCR 1800A 7500V TO150/40

51. Part #: T1503N80TOH
Description: SCR 1800A 8000V TO150/40

52. Part #: T1509N12TOF
Description: SCR 1500A 1200V TO75/26

53. Part #: T1509N14TOF
Description: SCR 1500A 1400V TO75/26

54. Part #: T1509N16TOF
Description: SCR 1500A 1600V TO75/26

55. Part #: T1509N18TOF
Description: SCR 1500A 1800V TO75/26

56. Part #: T1589N22TOF
Description: SCR 1584A 2200V TO100/26

57. Part #: T1589N24TOF
Description: SCR 1584A 2400V TO100/26

58. Part #: T1589N26TOF
Description: SCR 1584A 2600V TO100/26

59. Part #: T1589N28TOF
Description: SCR 1584A 2800V TO100/26

60. Part #: T1601N30TOF
Description: SCR, TO-200AF, 3000V, 1600A